Just 5 Minutes

I often tell students who are new to Creative Writing this:  it takes just 5 minutes.

It takes around 5 minutes to drink a cup of tea or coffee, time best spent.

It takes 5 minutes to begin, to begin a blog post, to begin again, to begin a poem or short story.  The point is to just take time.  With little increments of time mapped out over long periods of time, you can create.  Anything.  If we are not creating new cells in our own bodies, we are dying.  If we are not growing professionally, we are dying professionally.  The same goes for writing.  If we are not writing, we are stagnating.  Our thoughts will stay the same, day after day and year.

While I tell students in class this every day, tell them how important it is to brainstorm, bullet, list, cluster, draft, revise, edit, revise again, I find it just as difficult as they do to find the time. I have 5 minutes.

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