Haiku Poems

Haiku Poems from Fall 2013 Creative Writing Class OSU-OKC


Dead leaf falling


Snap…floating breezes

Spiders web captivating

Dropping death – life makes


By Kimber Jayne




Red leaves crunch – the ground

Children run for tricks and treats

Pumpkins sit and glow


By Lindsay Barton


Winter Breeze

Cold wind breaks through trees:

Silence fills the heated house

No motion occurs


By Doug Bennett


Indian summer


Autumn leaves blow wild

Amber trees are bare still yet-

Summer remains still.


By Ashanti Bonsu


The Storm


Calm rain falls to the Earth

Winds tear across the city-

It’s time to rebuild.


By Alaina Chai


West Africa


Beside a landscape

Animals, and plants – smile

On cool sunny days


By Justine Fombon


For Mother


Trickles spouting rain-

Spreading A blanket on Earth.

Mother’s Day boutique.


By LaToria Gardner




Amber eyes darken

Matching leaves – spook, thrill, consume

Violet night time


By Ally Greer




Cumulus above

Strong winds beginning to stir-

May storms bring green grass


By Pearl Dunn




Whiff of sweet honey:

Friendship will be abandoned—

Cold desolate nights


By Janet Jimenez




Falling into leaves-
off of an extreme volume
coming down to Earth.


By Thomas Lehner




Cement is cracking;

Dandelion emerging

Bringing Light on steps


By J. Mercer


In The (Concrete) Jungle


Gold thaws frosty glass.

The Tigress furled in wool, stirs –

Small emeralds peep.


By Shanna Miller




A midnight breeze stirs

the heavy moonlighted snow-

No life here to see


By Kamen Peavler


Noon Eclipse


Earth lost her shadow

Air, like water, flows – stagnant

Skin cries sweat, dripping


By Tiffany Ragon


Avian Call

In a golden breeze—

an owl hoots, silhouetted

against orange skies.


By Claudia Riera


Cold Times


Cold snow, jacket, gloves—

See the cry, but gone for good

Child’s start ends today


By Prisma Tellez



Short lived extension

Exposed and wrapped in splendor-

Hot breath of day wakes


By Braylon Warr


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