5 in 5: Thomas Thompson

5 in 5: Thomas Thompson

This 5 in 5 contributor gave up his job as a Database Administrator to pursue his passion for the body and its capacity to creatively move and heal by becoming a Muscle Activation Techniques, Yoga, and Feldenkrais practitioner. Oh, and he just happens to be my lovely husband.

1. What inspires you creatively?  

Moving in novel ways is inspiring to me. Figuring out the interesting interplay between movement and the way people think and feel is enough to light my creative fire for a lifetime.

2. How do you use creative methods to work with your clients?

 It seems I have to usually have my own practice fairly established to be able to invoke a change in someone else. The more I figure out in myself, the more I figure out through others.

3. Who are your creative heroes? In other words, what cultures, groups, or people do you admire for their inventiveness?

 My creative heroes can be anyone who can take very little in terms of raw material or a few thoughts and turn it into something grand in scale. Watching a good builder, seeing a good sketch artist, feeling the words of my favorite teachers invokes a lot of admiration from me.

4. Given your past experiences, how do you see the fields of technology and science merging with spirituality and art?

Technology has made very many very complex things available to everyone. My step daughter can do things with her mom’s iPad in 5 minutes what I couldn’t have done with the help of a professional graphic artist 10 years ago and makes it look easy. Sometimes I wonder in terms of this actually diminishing spiritual experience though because simple things might become too mundane compare to what a small device can accomplish. The world isn’t contained in a 4×6 screen.

5. What is your favorite eatery in Oklahoma?

My favorite eatery in Oklahoma has to be Himalaya. My whole family, especially my boys enjoy it a lot. They have stellar, consistent food, great chai and the wait staff and owners always remember who you are and are very attentive.


Oak Rings

I don’t know where you were before here.

Were you scouting me from afar?

Were you meandering among the stars, 

Looking down at my failings, Cheshire smiles,

Optimistic stops and starts?

Were you hiding in the giant embrace 

Of oaks by the old, knowing homes

Where the fairies digress, 

Where I looked for waiting magic?

Were you pointing to my plans,

Giggling spritely with your kind eyes,

Shrill with the laugh of Godlies?


For My GG

I’m going to have some crispies for you, GG,

Some hot, hot soup from a plain white

Bowl with tiny, china blue flowers on its lip.

Because that is what you would have done,
And I want to do what you would have done,

Gone where you would have gone,

Sung what you would have sung,

Loved the way you would have loved

If you had been here today.
I’ve never had anyone else write me a poem,

Sing me a song about bicycles and daisies.

Your Stories

Do you understand all your stories are my stories 

now? All your tears follow me until I drown.

All your haunts haunt me until I feel like

I have been with your sirens when they’ve 

Called late at night, asked you for another libation, 

another realization, another, one more

Sensation. Your stories of sorrows, heartbreaks, 

Triumphs, pains are my tales inked on my ankles,

Proof I love you to the point past many, of many

Returns and then no return.


Creativity happens when

You are ready to tell a truth, 

not the truth.

You have a story to tell.

You fall in love with your characters or persona.

You simply exist, instead of jumping forward or 

Beyond yourself, your backward self.

You spend time with other Creatives.

You immerse yourself in art, people.

You zoom in and out.

You let your little kid inside fly a kite.

You don’t judge your own mind.

You have some introspective time but don’t spend 

All your energy spinning  in analysis.


Ides of March

Spring is a siren
Who pours you into the sea.
She begs you for loyalty
then claims your infidelity.
She will tease you with flowers
And freeze you with rain,
Lure you with magic,
Break you into two.

Her sun on your face,
You’ll crave the burn.